Bengal Kittens for sale
German shepherd/
Malamute pups for sale
Pictures are down below

Contact: Heidi or Jim at:  605-377-3010 or 605-377-3009
Animal sales: I will hold  with a 50%  non refundable deposit . If you don't want to put down
a deposit you need to pick them up the same week . I will accept checks for the deposit
and cash when you pick up said animals. I will be happy to set up payment plan but animal
does not leave unit paid in full. South Dakota residents must pay sales tax. I cannot ship to
Guam or Hawaii, the quarantine time is to long I feel to hold a pup or kitten. I can sell to
Canada but new owner must come here to a company  said animal home. Call or text for
more information.
melanistic Bengal and very large .
Basic Care and Training for your family
dog.$9.95 at:
or CreatSpace eStore.
I wanted to create a book that children and adult alike can
understand.  Training a dog or pup should be fun for people and
dogs a like; it is a way of creating a bond on understanding one
another. What you should do when pup comes home and how to
teach your dog as he grows.  There are no can rattling, water
guns, or clicking devices in this book. I help you teach your dog
with a firm voice and a gentle hand.  You do not want your dog to
be afraid of you but to respect you as the alpha leader.  You want
to have guests over without the dog jumping and barking.  I talk
about everything you need to know from potty training, do I crate
train, health care, basic commands to what kind of leash do I
need. Should I get a doggie door to what should I be feeding my
dog, and why I should be worming my dog and many more
topics? I have also including recipes to create the prefect treats
for your new member. This is just the beginning to a long and
happy life with your new puppy let me help you start it off in a
positive way.
Three boys and one Girl Sold, one girl still needs someone to give them a loving
home. Email or text me for pictures 605-377-3010 Born July 11th 2014 Parents are
Grace and Tiny
Girl # 1 $650.00
6 weeks old
Born July,11 2014
Doll Faced Bengal Gold w/ brown spots
Boy# 2    $500.00
X-large  Black Bengal Boy# 5
X-large Black Bengal
Boy # 6 $500.00
Gold Bengal with black spots Girl # 2 600.00
9 weeks old
Doll face Bengals have smaller ears, larger jewel like eyes that come in sapphire
,emerald green,Aqua blue and sometimes topaz. If you looking for a crown
jewel these are the kittens for you. They are
7 weeks old
Silver with Black spots
Boy # 4 $600.00
Doll faced Bengal silver spots called Blue in the
Bengal world and is rare to find Girl # 4 600.00
Large Golden Bengal Black spots
Girl # 6 $600.00
Bengal kittens below have Savannah in there blood lines making them
bigger then normal Bengal kittens. They are
7 weeks old.
Alaskan malamute/German shepherd Hybrid puppies.
Parents are Grace and Tiny on dog page.
KITTENS APPEARANCE: Bengals are usually born with solid spots(Rosettes) As the
color fills in, their pattern become more defined, spots ( rosettes) and become lighter
in the centers. Pattern becomes more defined, Spots ( rosettes) become lighter in the
center. It can take up to a year to achieve their full pattern and color. Like
wild ALC
and the bigger wild cats the kitten goes through a fuzzy stage. This is nature way of
camoflauging them, keeping them safe from predators. After they drop their adorable
A Striking,Glittered, velvet coat is revealed.  
Prices Start at              PET                BREEDER                SHOW     
and Range From:   $550 - $1250      $1200 - $2500       $2000 - $4000  
Prices do not include shipping,crates or health certificates. Shipping is $205 to $220
crate is $42. Health check and certificate is $52.  Discount when buying two or more
kittens and they can be shipped together in one carrier.