Bengal Kittens, Northern Shiloh Shepherd,German shepherd/ Malamute pups and piglets for sale
Pictures are down below

Contact: Heidi or Jim at:  605-377-3010 or 605-377-3009
Animal sales: I will hold  with a 50%  non refundable deposit . If you don't want to put down a deposit you need to pick them up the same week . I will accept
checks for the deposit and cash when you pick up said animals. I will be happy to set up payment plan but animal does not leave unit paid in full. South Dakota
residents must pay sales tax. I cannot ship to Guam or Hawaii, the quarantine time is to long I feel to hold a pup or kitten. I can Now ship to Canada . Call or text
for more information.

KITTENS APPEARANCE: Bengals are usually born with solid spots(Rosettes) As the color fills in, their pattern become more defined, spots ( rosettes) become lighter in the centers.
Pattern becomes more defined, Spots ( rosettes) become lighter in the center. It can take up to a year to achieve their full pattern and color. Like
wild ALC and the bigger wild cats the
kitten goes through a fuzzy stage. This is nature way of camoflauging them, keeping them safe from predators. After they drop their adorable fuzzies.
A Striking,Glittered, velvet coat
is revealed.
Prices Start at              PET                BREEDER                SHOW     
and Range From:   $350 - $1250      $1200 - $2500       $2000 - $4000  
Prices do not include shipping,crates or health certificates. Shipping is $230.00 to 340.00 Depending if kitten has to go dash crate is $42. Health check and certificate is $52.  Two  
kittens can  be shipped together in one carrier .
Deposit are Non- refundable                                  
Sarah pups are all sold. Males are $700.00 and Females are $700.00. Willow has two Males left in her litter they are 600.00 each. 50% to hold a
pup. You can go to contact page or text me at 605-377-3010 .Crate is 52.00, Health certificate 54.00, shipping is $260 to $360.00 depending where
it is going or if the pup needs to go dash. It is a 100.00 more if the pup has to stay over night in dog hotel before reaching final destination. I Ship
through Delta.I am willing to meet up to 1 hour away from home at your expense.  
You can purchase a Northern Shiloh Shepherd registration for your  cost is 10.00. If someone that bought a pup from the past and is planning on breeding to a
Qualifying mate to further this breed. I will sale a registration for that dog also. If the registration does not Have the NNSA raise seal it is not a legal
registration from NSSA.
This Litter was Born Dec 15-2014 parents are
Willow Alaskan Malamute (MOM) 105 pounds 25
inches tall. Sire Shadow White German
Shepherd 105 pounds 26 almost 27 inches tall.
Both parents are large and gentle with even
temperaments. I usually don't put size and
weights in but I've had a few people calling
asking size compared to a lab. Standard weight
60 to 65 pounds and height is 22 inches tall.
New litter all male Bengals seal minks are $700.00 the golds are
$650.00 will be ready end of February 1st of March.
Tucker at three weeks old.
A real sweet heart.
Boy # 1
Boy # 2
Boy # 3
Boy # 4
Tucker at 4 weeks old he is $600.00 I'm looking for
someone love.
Mac at 4 weeks old he is $600.00 he want a new best
Boy 1 $650.00 registered
Boy 2 $650.00 registered
Boy 3 seal mink $700.0 registered
Sale Pending
Boy 4 seal mink $700.00 registered