Bengal Kittens, Northern Shiloh Shepherd,German shepherd/ Malamute pups and piglets for sale
Pictures are down below

Contact: Heidi or Jim at:  605-377-3010 or 605-377-3009
Animal sales: I will hold  with a 50%  non refundable deposit . If you don't want to put down a deposit you need to pick them up the same week . I will accept
checks for the deposit and cash when you pick up said animals. I will be happy to set up payment plan but animal does not leave unit paid in full. South Dakota
residents must pay sales tax.  Call or text for more information.
KITTENS APPEARANCE: Bengals are usually born with solid spots(Rosettes) As the color fills in, their pattern become more defined, spots ( rosettes) become lighter in the centers.
Pattern becomes more defined, Spots ( rosettes) become  lighter in the center. It can take up to a year to achieve their full pattern and color Same goes with marbles. Like
wild ALC
and the bigger wild cats the kitten goes through a fuzzy stage. This is nature way of camouflaging them, keeping them safe from predators. After they drop their adorable fuzzies.
Striking coat is revealed.
                                                                        Prices Start at              PET                BREEDER          
                                                                        and Range From:   $450 - $1250      $1200 - $2500         
Prices do not include shipping,crates or health certificates. . Deposit are Non- refundable.  Owners if kitten is sold as a pet that is  used in a breeding program!!! You will be sued for the
breeding price and the value of all kittens sold. You will also incur the  courts cost, lawyers fees and any expense involved in the dispute and said cat will be returned to
For a healthy start I  recommend puppy vitamins.Vita pet puppy is sold through amazon, it's a soft chew that they think are treats. Revival animal health carries pet vitamins and Valley vet carries a dual
purpose one for cats and dogs called Shed solution it has both vitamins and oils for the healthy coat and body. If you are lucky and live by a Pet smart they carry a variety of vitamins for puppy and
kittens. It is not a must but like children is helps there growing bodies.
New litter of Double XL Kittens were Born June 5th, 2015 Sayda is there MOM,Big Foot is there Sire. It is a  50%
non-refundable deposit. Kittens are wormed and given shots according to there age. Call or text me at 605-377-3010
This is Bigfoot's sire. At over 20 pounds (no
fat.)!! Long and lean and large. Bigfoot is the
sire to my Double XL line of Bengals.
Big foot he is 9
months and
still growing.
Sire of Double
XL Bengals
Girl # 1 S Double XL Snow
Bengal. She looks like she'll
be  standard to large sized
Bengal. $800.00 4 weeks old
Girl # 2 S Double XL Seal Mink
Bengal. She is the biggest in
the litter a real chunky
monkey and has nice marking.
$850.00 She is 4 weeks old
oBoy # 1 S Double XL
is  gold. He is a big boy
and I expect him to keep
growing. He has nice
bold rosettes. $700.00
4 weeks old
, registered3
weeks old
Boy # 2 S Double XL, he is a lite Gold.
This big boy is very stunning. He is
$700.00 he is 4 weeks old
Sayda as a kitten, She is a Melanistic Bengal very rare.  A true
Melanistic Bengal is always born with spots just like a true snow
Bengal is born solid white with pinks highlights. Looking like a Albino
for the first week after that the spots and color start so slowly show
up. Where the Melanistic fade as they grow older and become harder
to see.
This kitten was born May 18th,2015. This is Jules first kitten Sire is Charles.
She is very active and loves to run and jump at my pant legs.  She will be a  
standard  size Bengal.
Standard Bengal Girl # 1
$600.00 6 weeks old