Miniature cattle for sale
Bengal Kittens for sale
German shepherd/
Malamute pups for sale
Pictures are down below

Contact: Heidi or Jim at:  605-377-3010 or 605-377-3009  

Animal sales: I will hold  with a 50%  non refundable deposit .If you don't want to
put down a deposit you need to pick them up the same week . I will accept checks
for the deposit and cash when you pick up said animals. I will be happy to set up
payment plans. South Dakota residents must pay sales tax.
melanistic Bengal and very large .
Male puppy
Girl puppy
Basic Care and Training for your family
dog.$9.95 at:
or CreatSpace eStore.
I wanted to create a book that children and adult alike can
understand.  Training a dog or pup should be fun for people and
dogs a like; it is a way of creating a bond on understanding one
another. What you should do when pup comes home and how to
teach your dog as he grows.  There are no can rattling, water
guns, or clicking devices in this book. I help you teach your dog
with a firm voice and a gentle hand.  You do not want your dog to
be afraid of you but to respect you as the alpha leader.  You want
to have guests over without the dog jumping and barking.  I talk
about everything you need to know from potty training, do I crate
train, health care, basic commands to what kind of leash do I
need. Should I get a doggie door to what should I be feeding my
dog, and why I should be worming my dog and many more
topics? I have also including recipes to create the prefect treats
for your new member. This is just the beginning to a long and
happy life with your new puppy let me help you start it off in a
positive way.
Girl Snow Bengal 700.00/ with papers
Her ears,nose and tail are starting to turn
silver at this time. She will look like dad but
instead of mink coloring, she will be a seal
mink, marking will grow darker with age.
Born June 18th 2014
Girls 600.00/ papers. Three golden Bengals with big black spots. Born
June 18th 2014   pictures at 5 weeks old ( keep in mind there now in the
fuzzy stage.
Two boys sold, One black and white boy and two girls still needs someone to
give them a loving home. She is 650.00 a silver sable with black tips, email or text
me for picture 605-377-3010 Born July 11th 2014
If you don't want to put a deposit down and show you are committed to buying
one of my babies. Please don't bother contacting me it's not fair to me, my
babies and the person that would otherwise make the commitment and want the
same animal. I only want  the best for my babies. I am committed to giving the
babies the best start in life and spend countless hours working with them so that
when they go to their homes, you have a fun loving, socialized animal. I except
the same commitment from you. I never in my 15 years of breeding  the varies
animals had so many scammers and non committal customers. I don't mind
answering questions and taking a new picture. But don't say your going to buy it
unless your serious. Too all the wonderful animals lovers that our committed to
giving one a loving home, please disregard.
What a silver sable and black white
looks like at 4months old. It is a picture
of mom and her sister
Girl # 1
Girl # 2
Girl # 3
Girl # 1 she is $650.00
2 weeks old.
Girl # 2 $650.00
she is 2 weeks old
Boy $600.00 2 weeks old